Weekly Blog

by participants of the Summer School

Last day in Amaiur

It was the 29th of July at 9pm in the town of Amaiur. The whole village was quiet and one can only hear the sounds of nature and whispers between the participants. Every single one of us were focused on the task at hand, as we were all determined to finish our work...

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Second Week

Monday morning came and everyone was still hung up on our trip to Pamplona. I had just woken up from hearing alarms ringing, rushing footsteps, locker keys turning, and people talking -the short vacation was done and it was time to get back to work. Breakfast was...

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The first week -though fun and wonderful- was quite stressful and hectic. We were all ready for a little break and were looking forward to visiting Pamplona that Sunday. The weather during the past days had been quite odd with temperature fluctuating throughout the...

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First week

The first morning in Amaiur, we were brought to the highest point in the village. It was a 20-minute trek from the hostel to the peak of the hill. Within those minutes, we got an opportunity to take a quick look at the village and form a basic idea of its structure...

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First day – Arrival in Amaiur

It was a sunny morning, and my colleagues and I just came from an exhausting 29-hour journey crossing seas from Manila to Madrid. Exhaustion was quickly forgotten though as we set foot in Spain. The beautiful morning sun, the amazing architecture and the warm friendly...

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