Results of the research

End of Week 1

by Vikramaditya Singh Rathore

20 July 2018

After all the explorations of the various cities in Alentejo region, we all sat down to compile an architecture vocabulary that we all encountered. This compilation was to serve as the foundation of the urban renewal that was to take place next.

In addition to the all cities explored by us, a set of participants went out to explore Beira and present a preliminary analysis of the town and develop various drawings that would be used by various groups next week.

We were fortunate to listen to Rafael Manzano talk about his design process. It was great insight into new traditional architecture that he passionately advocates.

Lecture 1: The Work of the Prince’s Foundation, Kim Hitch

Lecture 2: Landscape and Architecture in Navarre, Leopoldo Gil Cornet

Lecture 3: Contributions to the Anastylosis of Medina Azahara, Rafael Manzano Martos

21 July 2018

After the compilation was done each group presented their observations and takeways from each city we visited so as to provide takeaways for next week‘s design process. The evening was a welcome break from the sketching as we headed back to Marvao castel to attend a Fado concert. This provided us to witness the true cultural essence of Portugal.

22 July 2018

To lift up our spirits, a fun excursion was planned to the cities of Estremoz and Terena. At Terena, we had traditional Portuguese lunch and visited a farmhouse designed by Premio Rafael Manzano laureate Jose Baganha. It was a perfect combination of austerity and opulence. Jose explained his philosophy as well as the client requirement.

Post this visit we headed back to Beirã to attend  lectures.

Lecture 1: Composition: a variety of scales and applications from simple to mysterious, Christopher Miller

Lecture 2: The Outcome of the Previous Manzano Prize Summer Schools, Alejandro García Hermida and Frank Martínez